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Richard Sherman Disses Roger Goodell
Now this the the way to start off Super Bowl Week!
Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman says he knows that New England isn't going to be punished for deflating footballs
Richard Sherman And Doug Baldwin's Epic Press Conference
The NFL aka "no fun league" has certainly had its share of criticism lately and is also known for being a bit hypocritical.  Seattle Seahawks outspoken cornerback Richard Sherman and wide receiver Dough Baldwin decided to speak their minds in a creative fashion during a press …
The Video That Proves Richard Sherman Deserves Your Respect
I'll admit it, two weeks ago, I had no clue who Richard Sherman was. I jumped on the "what a punk" bandwagon and judged him by one interview. Now, I'm changing my tune and here's the video that made me realize why Sherman just might be one of the best players in the …
Sherman Talks About Strippers
Of course at Media Day for the Super Bowl the players are going to get some crazy questions thrown their way. It is expected due to all the credentials that are given out, plus with the game being in New York/New Jersey there is probably even more media this year than in years...

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