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[VIDEO] Juan Agudelo Volleys…For Himself!
It was already a beatdown Thursday at RFK, but New York Red Bull's Juan Agudelo rubs DC United's nose in it with what should already be one of Major League Soccer's goals of the year. This kid is only 18! Between Agudelo and El Paso's 17-year-old Omar Salgado (top pick in the MLS SuperDraft by Vancouver), not only is the future bright for MLS, it's looking better and better for American soccer, to
World’s Greatest…Dad? Nope. Red Sox Fan? Meh.
A guy proved what a big Red Sox fan he is and what a horrible dad he is at the same time. His young son said he loves the Yankees, not the Red Sox, and his dad gave him a really hard time about it and made him CRY. Then eventually the dad said, "You're gonna have to find a new place to live."
Brett Favre Career Gallery
Whether you're a Packers fan or not, hated the retirement drama, disliked him as a person, have to respect the Iron Man and all that he did throughout his career.