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Cowboys vs. Giants, UTEP vs. Houston, World Series, and More
Welcome to another edition of Deep Dish Sports with the Iceman Brandon Cohn.Today's show includes a discussion about the Cowboys vs. Giants game, UTEP vs. Houston, high school football, and the World Series.
My Special thanks to Sports Spin host Andy Lee for joining me on Deep Dish Sports...
Cowboys vs Giants – September 5, 2012 Replay
The Dallas Cowboys waited all year for another shot at the New York Giants. When they got it in the 2012 season opener, they were ready. So were the replacement officials, who barely were a story with Dallas dominating the Super Bowl champions for much of a 24-17 victory Wednesday night that wasn&ap…
Does a Tuna belong in New Orleans?
New Orleans is known for their superior Cajun cooking, which brings up the question, does tuna belong on the menu?  Of course there is only one person in sports who is worthy of being called "the tuna," and that is Bill Parcells.
Cowboys and Giants to Open 2012 NFL Season on Sept. 5
The NFL has released who will open the season on Wednesday, September 5th against the Giants at Met Life Stadium.  The Dallas Cowboys will meet the defending Super Bowl champions opponents in the first game of the season.
The NFL moved the opener to Thursday in 2002, but this year's game must be play…
Giants Running Back Brandon Jacobs on Impact Wrestling
Despite wrestling tycoon Vince McMahon's best efforts to crush any competition to the WWE, Impact wrestling has held its own since the mid 2000s.  Impact features some former WWE and WCW guys and has found a niche on Thursday nights for wrestling fans who prefer the 'Attitude' er…

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