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Can I’ll Have Another Win the Triple Crown?
One of the most difficult accomplishments is sports is to win the triple crown.  It has only been done 11 times in horse racing history.  It is so rare that it has been 34 years since Affirmed accomplished the historic feat in 1978.
Mixed Bag Sports Weekend
Yep, we have reached that time of the year where the sports world is incredibly fragmented and all over the map.  The NBA and NHL have reached their second seasons.  The excitement of the opening of another Major League Baseball season is over, and we are faced with the reality that there …
Ten Things I Learned – Butler is Back!
It was a busy sports week, dominated by the third and fourth rounds of the NCAA Tournament. As usual, there were plenty of surprises:
1. Butler and VCU belong in the Final Four. The Cinderella Bulldogs and Rams put on another great show for the college basketball world...

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