Keith Olbermann

Keith Olbermann Talks Chihuahuas On Sportstalk
This afternoon, Keith Olbermann spoke to Team 600 at the start of Sportstalk about his love for dogs, how he obtained the special Chihuahuas jersey, and baseball's mega deals before the deadline. He also told a great story about how he walked his dog today while wearing his #33 Chihuahuas jersey...
Keith Olbermann Sports Chihuahuas Jersey
Last night on Keith Olbermann's show on ESPN, KO donned the El Paso Chihuahuas jersey (#33) that was the talk of social media several weeks ago and the jersey the Chihuahuas will wear this Sunday, August 4 for "Bark In The Park" at Southwest University Park...
Testing the Waters
Sports radio has this interesting phenomenon where seemingly innocuous comments can turn into full on debates.  Such an event took place on Monday's version of Sportstalk.