jose canseco

Jose's Rotten Finger Falls Off
Don't you just hate it when you're playing poker and your FINGER FALLS OFF?! Because that's exactly what happened to Jose Canseco this weekend in Las Vegas.  While playing poker, Canseco's surgically attached finger, fell off. Yup, just fell right off.
Twin Billing
Jose Canseco is never above trying to pull a fast one on somebody to get out of work.  I found this blog on Yahoo Sports Big League Stew, and it's equal parts funny and equal parts pathetic.
Ten Things I Learned – Butler is Back!
It was a busy sports week, dominated by the third and fourth rounds of the NCAA Tournament. As usual, there were plenty of surprises:
1. Butler and VCU belong in the Final Four. The Cinderella Bulldogs and Rams put on another great show for the college basketball world...