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‘Icetime’ With Brandon Cohn Podcast 7/11/12 (Audio)
Welcome to another addition of 'Icetime' with the Ice man Brandon Cohn.  Today's topics include the Major League Baseball All-Star game, Home Run Derby, 49er's wide receiver Randy Moss, Hope Solo taking an illegal substance, NBA free agency, and the Dwight Howard watch.…
My Real Time Diary of the USA Vs. France World Cup Semifinal.
9:55- Flipped on the old tele to watch some women's soccer and take notes.  Never thought I would do this in my professional career
9:56- National Anthem plays.  The goosebumps begin.
9:57- Ian Darke says what we've all been thinking.  The pregame formalities are seemingly endless.
9:58- The chic hairs…