Metallica's Sportscenter Commerial
The guys from Metallica just did a commercial for "SportsCenter".  They sit around the "SportsCenter" offices with nothing to do, because Mariano Rivera of the Yankees retired last year and left them with no one to play walk-in music for.
Extremely awkard Ken Griffey Jr. Interview.
Is it just me or is Ken Griffey Jr. acting really strange in this interview with ESPN's Linda Cohn?  His enthusiasm is non existent and the look on his face at the beginning of the interview is priceless!  As sportscasters we just LOVE interviewing people like this, check it out.…
Michelle Beadle Is Back At ESPN [VIDEO]
After almost two years at NBC, Michelle Beadle has returned to ESPN. Beadle is returning this afternoon to the place that it all started for her, SportsNation. She will also have a new segment called "Misunderstood Sports Stories".
It's OK...
ESPN Announces New SportsCenter Set
I guess the powers that be at the "Mothership" got a little worried about what the new FOXSports1 channel was going to do for business or maybe they were worried about all the networks.
Along with FOX Sports, the other Networks of NBC Sports and CBS Sports have made new moves when i…

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