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Dallas Mavericks Deserved to Win the NBA Finals
Now that it is all over, basketball fans will look back at the 2011 NBA Finals and remember this as a colossal failure for the Miami Heat. I would rather look back at a fantastic run for the Dallas Mavericks and a well deserved title for the first time in franchise history.
Mavs and Heat to Meet for NBA Title
If memory serves me correct the Heat wouldn't contend for a title in year one of the 'three am-ego' era because they lacked chemistry, a strong interior presence, and adequate role players.
The NBA’s Version of The Red River Rivalry
No, it won't be 90,000+ crazed fans in burnt orange and crimson rushing to the venerable Cotton Bowl to watch the Horns and Sooners clash on the field, but the western conference finals promise to be entertaining.  For the first time ever, the NBA will take center stage in one of the most …
Lake Show on Summer Hiatus
In the latest installment of 'As the Lakers Turn,' the two time defending champions were swept out of the playoffs by the Dallas Mavericks.  Not exactly the Hollywood ending some would have predicted for Phil Jackson.  By this time next week, the Zen Master will be on his ranch i…
Is Dirk Nowitzki’s Greatness Overlooked?
Every now and then I make a point on Sportstalk that I would like to further explore and analyze in an online post.  There is a groupthink notion that Dirk Nowitzki is a little soft and shrinks during the physical nature of the playoffs.  Because pro athletes are ultimately judged by their…
A Roy-al Performance
Brandon Roy's NBA future was bleak in January of 2011.  The former rookie of the year and sixth overall pick by the Blazers in 2006 was facing double knee surgery on two knees that doctors considered to be shot.  The 26 year old shooting guard has knees that resemble a 50 year old ex-NFL running bac…

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