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What Happened to Linsanity?
A short time ago in a galaxy far, far away I was a business and economics student (not a very good one, but that's neither here nor there).  There is a theory in business and marketing that every product has a 'life-cycle.'  The four main stages of a product's life cycl…
Why Amare and Melo Can Co-exist With Jeremy Lin
Jeremy Lin has taken the NBA by storm.  The story started with a seemingly innocuous win over the lowly Nets on February 4th.  Lin came off the bench to lead the Knicks with 25 points in New York's 99-92 victory.  The masses hardly took notice, but those NBA nuts who remember him…
3 Card Monty
Now that I've had a little time to catch my breath, if the rest of the NBA playoffs are like the first two days it's gonna be epic.  TNT has this famous catchphrase of '40 games in 40 nights.'  By night 22 Chuck, the Jet, EJ, and all the fans are usually sick of the playoffs.  Charles gets so grumpy…
Ten Things I Learned – Butler is Back!
It was a busy sports week, dominated by the third and fourth rounds of the NCAA Tournament. As usual, there were plenty of surprises:
1. Butler and VCU belong in the Final Four. The Cinderella Bulldogs and Rams put on another great show for the college basketball world...
Melo’s Finally A Knick
(Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images)For months, New York Knicks fans have been waiting to go to the NBA Store on 5th Avenue and buy their new #15 jersey. Now, there's only one problem. Despite Carmelo Anthony traded to the Knicks from Denver last night, #15 is a retired jersey number.
NBA All Star Weekend
This weekend, much of the attention of the sports world will be in Los Angeles, California for NBA All Star Weekend.  NBA Commissioner David Stern has already expressed his concern over the trade rumors surrounding Carmelo Anthony.