Every season the NFL sees its record breakers and history makers, but there's just a few that make you say hmmm...

With and without the career-ender, Ray Lewis, the Baltimore Ravens (6-2) have won 14 consecutive home games, the longest active streak in the NFL. On deck, in Week 10, are the 3-5 Oakland Raiders. Who you got?

The Patriots (5-3) have won 17 of their last 18 overall meetings with the Bills. Big deal? Well considering the Bills have resurfaced above drowning waters over the past decade and are now at 3-5 in the AFC East matchup...not so much. But will this be the wake-up call?

The Bears have seven interceptions returned for touchdowns this season, two-shy of the single-season record (1961 Chargers). Easy to guess who they owe that one to.

At 1-7, the Chiefs are tied with the Jaguars for the NFL's worst record. Somebody please (Roger Goodell) if the ProBowl is going to be washed out sooner than later, then fill it with an SEC powerhouse and one of the aforementioned losers.

No? Okay, well then how about NCAA football standouts against the worst team in the league after the Super Bowl? It's happened before in 1970 with the Super Bowl champs and then we can have ourselves another Pro Football Crisis? Is that disrespectful to a club of pro athletes who have made it to the league? Well, at 1-7, taking into consideration (boys to men, size, athleticism, experience, discipline and speed) we are comparing apples to oranges -- but both are still fruit, right? Welp, if you're in the league and at 1-7 then I guess, do better. If you're in the NCAA and on your way to your third national championship in four years, well pat yourself on the back then go sack somebody. Feel free to comment below. Moving on.

The Steelers have won 14 straight home games on Monday Night Football, the longest home win streak in Monday Night Football history.

This coming Monday, guess who? Well hope you're not a Kansas City Chiefs fan -- no worries 'Bama can crush them, too. Let them show you how great they are...and have been. Sliding past LSU is one thing, but if they did in fact take on the league, everyone ups their game when they're deemed an underdog. As sports fans, that's why we love to watch. I am serious and don't call me Shirley!