The Titleist on the side of Rory Milroy's hat in this picture could be gone soon and replaced by a swoosh.

Word is coming out that Nike is offering McIlroy a contract that is said to be in the neighborhood of 10 years and 250 million dollars.

It seems the latest rounds of golf with Tiger Woods were not the friendly banter that everyone thought.

It was actually Tiger doing his best sales job to bring Rory over to (in some people's eyes) insure the longevity and success of Nike Golf after Tiger is irrelevant.

This is a brilliant move by Nike and yes it is a lot of money.

We are talking A-Rod numbers but with Rory on the rise and two majors under his belt, there is less of a chance for him to be a bust and turn out to be a wasted investment.

Like when Nike threw millions a Michelle Wie.