Golfers are an interesting breed. They'll walk 18 holes in sweltering Africa-type heat or risk pneumonia in a persistent cold drizzle just to put a tiny ball in a tiny hole. Now, it seems they won't let the need to relieve themselves get in the way, either.

While sifting through the mountain of videos cluttering the Internet, we came upon this ad for something called the UroClub. It resembles a golf club, but it's specially designed for golfers to pee into it while on the links without a restroom in sight. Finally, someone has  solved this centuries old dilemma.

The UroClub was created by a board certified urologist, although we'd be very interested in knowing what board certifies guys who spend their time inventing ways to make it okay to urinate in public.

It even comes with a towel to maintain your privacy, which is ironic since you can make your bladder gladder in plain daylight. Actually, it looks more like the towel covers you while you fantasize about driving the ball 300 yards right to the pin, but that's probably not the best way to hawk this product.

Interestingly, the video, from 2010, touts the UroClub for $49.95. Check the website now -- it's going for $19.95, which means 1) the company severely underestimated the demand for it and 2) you don't have to pony up a lot of money this Christmas to give your dad a cheap and completely improper gift.