NFL place kickers, arguably, face more intense pressure than QBs. A suggestion to move PATs back to the 25 yard line would add to that - that's too much pressure on the little guys who already take much heat. Perhaps the NFL commish has it right. At this past Super Bowl he suggested the league might well eliminate PATs completely.

Stats from Present PATS from the 2 yard line are successful 99.6 percent of the time. In other words, a waste of time. Meanwhile a blogger points out that FGs between the 40 and 49 are successful 83 percent of the time. If the ball is placed at the 25, then PATs would be 42 yard kicks. A 13 percent fail rate would likely affect many more game outcomes. Add that to missed FGs already having an affect on wins and that makes the kicking game too key.

Keep it like it is or eliminate the PAT. Football should remain an equal balance of offense, defense and the kicking game.