You hear it all the time...even though now that society has become so obsessed with famous people, and our access to their daily lives grows. You hear the stories about someone who meets the person they've idolized for so long, imagined having a drink with, hanging out...and the reality is so different. The star is rude, uncommunicative, and doesn't want sign anything or take a picture with you.

I've heard Rosie O'Donnell is mean to adults and won't sign anything for them. (Why anyone would be happy to meet her is beyond me, anyway.)

But what about these multi-million dollar athletes? They should be nice people, right? Some really are. Dez Bryant and Sean Lee were amazing. They should all be great, right? Kids look up to these guys!

Not always the case. It could come down to just meeting them at the wrong time, on a bad day.

I've pretty much stopped trying to meet my heroes. I want to think of them the way I see them in my head, and don't want to catch them on a bad day. It kills the whole experience, if you have to watch a guy who was a complete tool to you, scoring points. Deadspin has a great piece on what Mickey Mantle, Joe DiMaggio and Yogi Berra were actually like:

Yogi Berra is a particularly glowing example of an image which has outstripped the man. Of course, it is not his fault. It is not his fault that he is not a lovable gnome bubbling over with bon mots. Nor is it his fault that he is a narrow, suspicious man, jealous of the man other people supposed him to be and which he knew he was not.

via Deadspin

So that's the question, isn't it? Would you rather meet these famous people, even if they're rude and treat you like crap; or would you rather keep the illusion of who they might be?

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