OAKLAND, Calif. (AP) — A 61-year-old man is hospitalized with serious injuries after trying to catch a woman who jumped about 45 feet from a deck at the stadium where the Oakland Raiders play.

It happened as fans left the stadium yesterday following the Raiders' loss to the Tennessee Titans.

A sheriff's sergeant, J.D. Nelson, tells a TV station (KTVU) that the man saw the woman before she jumped, and yelled, "Don't do it." When she jumped, he lunged toward her and broke her fall. The woman was critically injured.

Nelson visited the man in the hospital yesterday evening. He says the man told him he "just couldn't imagine having people see" the woman jump to her death. Nelson said, "Even now, at the hospital he's very concerned about her."

The man's name hasn't been released -- but Nelson describes him as a Raiders season ticket holder who served in the Marines.