Izabel Goulart is best known for her work as a Victoria’s Secret Angel. She is also well known in the modeling industry for her “wardrobe malfunction” at her first ever fashion show. Her top fell open and her Victoria’s were no longer a secret. Goulart also appeared in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue in 2011.

Our gripe of the day (what? Only one? Very unlike us but the day is young) involves knowing the names of the women that appear in catalogs. Damn you internet. Knowing a model’s name brings a whole level of awkwardness to the situation. We liked just calling her “chick on page 7.” Real names makes leering at the pages much too personal. If a woman poses for nude she knows men are looking at her for a particular reason. A regular model probably assumes that the majority of the eyeballs on her in print belong to a woman looking to purchase a nice two-piece for Cabo. News flash: catalogs get used for other purposes. Yes, we have. Yes, we’re ashamed. Spring 2003 issue while visiting parents for the weekend.

This is true for all catalogs. Even the Sears catalog. We don’t want to know that Vicki in the polyester pantsuit has a name, three children and will travel miles for a TCBY. It makes it all so much more awkward. Yes, we have. Yes, we are ashamed. Fall ’97. Ladies undergarments on pages 123-134. Then one more time in the lawnmower section.