This is such a feel-good story. And don’t even get me started on how adorable the photo is.

From being abused to helping the abused, life for Buddy has come full circle. Buddy is now a certified comfort K-9 with the El Paso County Victims Advocate Unit.

I'm not crying, you're crying!

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Buddy’s Backstory

Laws N Paws
Laws N Paws

Buddy’s story went viral in January of 2022 after a photo of Buddy was shared on social media that showed him carefully balancing himself on a box, tethered by a short leash that appeared to be tied to the burglar bars of an exterior window at the Northeast home of his former owner.

El Paso Animal Services intervened and he and his fur bro Frankie were removed from the cruelty situation. Under the care of the nonprofit dog rescue organization Law N Paws, Buddy and Frankie were rehabilitated and placed in a new home.

And then, fate stepped in again and Buddy, who was once a victim, found a job and a new purpose: to help others work through their trauma as a Victim’s Assistant Therapy Companion with the District Attorney’s Office.

Comfort K-9

El Paso Animal Services
El Paso Animal Services

Buddy went through three months of training and classes, according to a post on the county website, and graduated from the therapy dog program in September of 2022.

Buddy did not waste any time and got right to work in assisting our Victims Advocate Unit. He has been able to provide support many victims of crime to include children and adults alike. Buddy has been instrumental in preparing a victim to be more comfortable with speaking to a prosecutor about the trauma they experienced so that the information received would be used in trial to seek justice in their case.

Look at him now. His little badge even has his name on it! It says “Buddy, Comfort K-9.” Aww, man, is someone peeling onions again?

Northeast Woman Arrested

El Paso Police Department
El Paso Police Department

Lupe Amalia Rodriguez, 46, was arrested last January and charged with Cruelty to Non-livestock Animals (Cruel Confinement). She bonded out the next day, records show.

Her case is still active, per a county criminal case records search. An order appointing an attorney in June of 2022 is the last event her file shows.

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