Wait, what? We had an earthquake?

Although the estimated magnitude 5.4 earthquake occurred about 29 miles from Pecos, Texas, the tremblor was felt throughout West Texas, including El Paso.

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Did You Feel It?

The most asked question Wednesday afternoon and Thursday morning was, 'did you feel it?' While most El Pasoans didn’t, a good number felt something, they just weren’t sure what.

Aviance Jiron
Yes in Far East El Paso, I was on my couch and it started rocking. I thought something paranormal was happening lol

David Lardizabal
I was putting my kettlebells down and thought I was fainting

Eduardo Felipe Garcia
I did. I was on my chair at my desk and felt it wobbling

Laura B
I sure did! I thought my blood sugar was dropping

Is El Paso Earthquake Prone?

Marcos Rey
Marcos Rey

West Texas isn’t really known for earthquakes like, say, California or the Pacific Northwest, but we do get rattled by one every so often. We just don’t feel most of them because they don’t typically register above a 2.0 in magnitude.

In fact, there are many active fault lines in the El Paso area, according to the University of Texas El Paso, especially on the east side of the Franklin Mountains.

El Paso Got Jokes

Hilariously trolling the comment sections of news outlet social media sites is the El Paso way, and when reports of the earthquake hit snarky El Pasoans did not disappoint.

Vincent P.
There's visible road damage all over El Paso. Oh sorry that’s just how our roads look all the time

Is that what that was?! I thought my edibles were hitting

Kyle Jurisic
It wasn't an earthquake, it was me after eating Chicos

Oscar Resendez
When do we get our stimulus check for this?

J. Rosales
Like I always used to tell my ex… I didn’t feel it!!!!!

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