El Paso, TX's own Enrique Lozano, the executive chef at Ay Dios Mio, is set to make his second appearance on the Food Network in as many months. Tune in this Thursday at 8:00 p.m. to watch him represent the Borderland with pride!

Enrique Lozano, the executive chef behind El Paso's Ay Dios Mio (credit: KFOX14/CBS4)
Enrique Lozano, the executive chef behind El Paso's Ay Dios Mio (credit: KFOX14/CBS4)

Enrique Lozano

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In May, Lozano competed on Food Network's "Beat Bobby Flay" for a chance to win up to $40,000. On the show, two chefs face off, with the winner taking home $15,000 and earning the opportunity to challenge celebrity chef Bobby Flay for an additional $25,000. Lozano, who filmed the episode in New York, couldn't reveal much about his dish but promised “representation from the Borderland.”

"I definitely stayed true to my roots," said Lozano. "I didn't try to make things that weren't natural to me.... With the dishes that you'll see I prepared, you can definitely tell that I'm from the Borderland."

Lozano competed against Dayna Lee-Marquez from Brownsville, a fierce competitor also well-versed in Borderland cuisine. Growing up watching "Beat Bobby Flay," Lozano found it surreal to experience the show from the inside out.

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He has a heartfelt message for fellow El Pasoans: "You don't have to leave the city to get recognized. Just do things right and people will look at you even here in El Paso, Socorro, Las Cruces. People are looking out to see what we're capable of and I think we're starting to show them. And I'm just very proud of being able to represent El Paso and surrounding areas -- especially Socorro -- on a national stage."

Next week, Lozano will take his skills to "Chopped." "It's something I grew up watching with my dad so when they called me to do the show I jumped on it like right away," said Lozano. "I couldn't believe it, I'm still pinching myself."

Lozano said that between "Chopped" and "Beat Bobby Flay," he's just trying to take all the opportunities he can to represent El Paso.

Don’t miss Lozano’s episode on "Beat Bobby Flay" this Thursday, July 20, at 8:00 p.m., with a rerun on Friday, and his episode of "Chopped" next Tuesday, July 23, at 6 p.m.

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