Texas has two of the most haunted roads in Texas. Surprisingly, Trans Mountain, (here in El Paso), isn't one of them.

Southernliving.com named the 2 most haunted roads in Texas and, while they both have creepy stories, I think Trans Mountain deserves a spot. At the very least, they should add a 3rd place.

Which is what I decided to do here, make the official top 2 a Texas trio.

Trans Mountain can be kind of spooky at night, whether you see a ghost or not. It's dark, it's not uncommon to be the only car on it at times and the feeling of loneliness and isolation can be a little unnerving.

Then, there's the ghost ...

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What Happens On Trans Mountain in El Paso?

One of the ghosts associated with Trans Mountain, and the one that seems to be spotted the most, is a monk with a donkey. Some say he sinned before dying and was left to walk the earth forever. Others say he had discovered a mine and was killed for his silver.

Many claim to have seen him and several car accidents have supposedly been caused by him or by people swerving to avoid him. The curves on that road are deceptive and sudden movements can send you over the edge pretty quick.

What Happens On Stagecoach Road In Marshall?

A Voodoo queen, who was run out of New Orleans, settled in Marshall in the 1800's. The town priest wasn't too fond of her selling good luck amulets so he murdered her by Stagecoach Road. Today, she roams that road during the full moon with shrunken heads and voodoo dolls, trying to bring bad luck to the town of Marshall.

CBS Texas/YouTube
CBS Texas/YouTube

What Happens On Goatman's Bridge In Denton?

An old bridge was replaced with a new one in 2001 but the old one still stands. A local goat farmer was murdered on the bridge and he called to the devil to save him. Now, he's condemned to guard the bridge forever and stalks those who cross without their headlights on.

I think it should be Trans Mountain, then Goatman's Bridge, then Stagecoach Road. Put your lineup in the comments!

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