There is a contest underway to select the best lake in the United States of America and one lake in Texas ... no, it's not Ascarate ... has a shot at winning.

Our neighbors in New Mexico don't have a dog in this particular fight and our other southwest buds in Arizona will have to share the title if their lake wins.

Voting closes on Monday, June 3rd but you can "vote Texas" once a day, every day,  until then.

USA Today is holding a contest to determine the "best lake in the United States of America" and their panel of experts have whittled it down to 20 finalists.

The Texas nominee is Lake Austin.

Located in, 'duh ... Austin, Lake Austin offers all the fun you expect at a lake and then some:

No visit to the Texas state capital is complete without making the journey to Lake Austin, a massive reservoir that was carved into the western edge of the city in the late 1930s. While fishing and swimming are both popular activities around the lake, it's best known for the high concentration of boaters that congregate on sunny days. - USAToday

All that plus it's near all the fun stuff Austin offers and, thanks to a mild climate, is useable pretty much year 'round. You can vote for Lake Austin here.

Which Arizona Lake Was Nominated?

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