This hauntingly beautiful bed and breakfast in Navasota, Texas will make it feel like Halloween everyday and it has guests excited and it hasn't even opened yet!

RavenWolf Manor in Navasota, Texas is a 133 year old Victorian era home that hasn't officially opened the doors to the public as a bed and breakfast yet, but it's already making quite the buzz on social media- and with good reason: It's stunning!

According to it's social media, RavenWolf Manor hasn't officially opened, and it's only details say that it's "coming soon"- however, the new owner has given us so many exclusive sneak peeks at the rooms inside and it definitely feels like when you step in, you'll feel like you've stepped into a Victorian novel.

Over in the Dracula room, you'll be transported to Transylvania in an opulent and seductive room illuminated only by the light of candles. Will you hear the children of the night? You'll find out when it opens.

In the Raven room, inspired by the one and only Edgar Allan Poe, you'll find solace surrounded by books and antique furniture illuminated by the fireplace; giving it a feel as though the author himself sat in that very room and wrote many of his masterpieces.

And in the Picture of Dorian Gray Bedroom, you yourself will fell like Dorian Gray. The seven deadly sins are cleverly incorporated throughout the room as well as two pictures of Narcissus, which is very apropos.

You'll notice that although each room evokes a different vibe, it doesn't feel like it's full of cheap Halloween decorations. The new owner has carefully thought and decorated the manor so as it can feel like you really are transported through time.

You can follow updates on the Manor here, and maybe we'll find an opening date soon!

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