Believe it or not, these 6 Texas college campuses are not only the most dangerous in the Lone Star State, they're among the most dangerous in the USA.

As if college wasn't difficult enough already, you have to worry about this kind of this kind of stuff too. Rising costs, unfeeling faculty, final exams, rape, murder ... this ain't your Daddy's college.

A list of the most dangerous college campuses in the United States of America is out and Texas has 6 of the worst 27. That's about 25%, not exactly something to brag about. named the 27 most dangerous college campuses based on the number of violent crimes reported. According to the FBI, "violent crimes" are rape, murder/manslaughter, aggravated assault and robbery.

We used Campus Safety and Security data reported to and published by the U.S. Department of Education to analyze violent crimes on campus at public, private, and non-profit universities. We selected colleges with a minimum institution size of 500 students with or without on campu housing.

The colleges listed have the highest numbers of violent crimes on campus between 2019-2021 (3 years). -

Here are the most dangerous campuses in Texas:

Top 6 Most Dangerous Texas Universities

Sending our kid off to college can be scary, and for good reason.

How Can I Learn More About Crime Rates On College Campuses?

The Clery Act calls for parents, students, faculty, or anyone else to have access to campus crime stats. It also calls upon colleges to support victims of violence and make their campus safety policies known.

Why Was The Clery Act Enacted?

It's named after Jeanne Clery who was raped and murdered at Lehigh University in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.

The campus had a very bad record with regard to violent crimes and Jeanne's parents sued the university on the grounds that, had they known about those crimes, Jeanne would not have enrolled there.

They won and the Clery Act was put into place.

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