Jacob's Well, a natural artesian spring located in the Texas Hill Country, is one of the most famous and unique natural landmarks in the region. Just look at how majestic it looks!

Jacob's Well is a popular diving and swimming spot where many Texans, and non-Texans, visit in droves to get a spot of relief from the Texas summer heat!

Unfortunately, the spring has faced a few hard months- we're simply not getting enough rain in Texas! The Hays County Parks Department Education Coordinator Katherine Sturdivant told KSAT earlier this year that for over a year, the well has been “wildly below” its average outflow of 4 cubic feet per second.

In January, a week of heavy storms drenched the area and the outflow spiked at 28 cubic feet per second! While everyone was happy to hear the update; the department did point out that this could be only temporary and that it's not guaranteed that we'll see a return of a full flow by summer; meaning swimming may be closed at this popular summer hot spot.

Well, today we have news as the Hays County Parks Department finally gave us an update on the 2024 swimming season to let us know that, unfortunately, there just hasn't been enough water flow into Jacob's Well.

What a bummer for Texans! The key features of Jacob's Well is the unique swimming hole. The swimming hole is surrounded by a natural setting, providing a picturesque and refreshing environment.

The good news is that the park will still be open for hiking where you'll get some of the best views of the Texas Hill Country!

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