Hurricane Beryl's fury has come and gone- leaving millions of Texans without power and some paying the ultimate sacrifice.

It's during these difficult times that many of us look for a silver lining and, while it may not mean much, H-E-B is giving Texans a bit of hope in the storm's aftermath.

No matter what you may have heard, H-E-B, the number one grocery store in Texas, is not putting a limit on brisket!


Posts circulating online seemed to suggest that H-E-B imposed a limit on brisket sales during hurricane preparations; it made many people uneasy at the thought of only being allowed two briskets per person!


HEB is making hard choices
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It's definitely a bold choice to limit brisket sales- mainly because that's what I hear is a big seller! I, if you'll remember, have never been to an H-E-B because they refuse to come to El Paso- but I hear great things, especially about that brisket!

No Brisket Limits at Texas H-E-B
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But, fear not, many pointed out that the post on brisket limits was actually from 2020! During the start of the pandemic, when many people were stockpiling and panic buying products, H-E-B imposed a limit on brisket.

However, H-E-B has insisted that there are currently no limits on brisket sales during hurricane watch! Which is kind the most Texan thing I have ever heard, or as someone in the comments said:

You ain’t a real Texan unless you smoking a brisket in a hurricane

So, go forth and smoke brisket from H-E-B, fellow Texans- and if you happen to pass by El Paso- please send me some!

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