El Paso takes their food seriously!

Kiki's via Facebook
Kiki's via Facebook

In the Sun City, we are very proud of the cuisine we have to offer, and sometimes, we all want to share our experiences at our favorite places- especially if it's a locally owned restaurant! Then, there are other times where we just want to let out some steam and and warn others of a bad experience at a restaurant.

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Since the pandemic, I've noticed a lot of local foodie related posts (you may not like the word foodie, but that's what we're going to call it!). Many wrote in to alert the rest of us of some of the best local places around in an effort to keep their businesses open.

Unfortunately, as a result of the pandemic, some of our favorites didn't make it. But if you are on the hunt for a new favorite local restaurant to support, then you're going to want to check out some of the best El Paso foodie influencers!

El Paso Foodie Influencers to Follow:


@elpaso.eats is run by "Christine" and she takes not just around El Paso, but surrounding areas like Las Cruces and more!


@eptxeats keeps you up to date on the latest specials in town!


Whether you're looking for the hottest new restaurant in town, or for some comfort food, @border.foodie can give you the full rundown!


This is one of my favorite to follow! If you also love food on wheels, @eptxfoodtrucks is a must follow!


Another one of my favorites to follow! If you're looking for a pizza place or just some fries to snack on, @eptxmunchies will definitely induce the munchies.

Foodies of El Paso TX. & Surrounding Areas

thetapep Instagram
thetapep Instagram

In this private group that has over 40,000 members, the influencer is YOU! Many El Pasoans have made this their official go-to when it comes to food reviews! The group, which is an award winning group, is your one stop shop for everything El Paso cuisine!

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