There's many places throughout Texas that loves watermelon; we're the 3rd largest state for growing watermelons in the United States. Over 42,000 acres are grown throughout the state, but what are the BEST places for watermelons in Texas?

If you love watermelon, you can travel to the "Watermelon Capital of Texas"

The town of Hempstead, Texas was coined the "Watermelon Capital of Texas", because of its land that's perfect for growing watermelon. It was also the nation's largest watermelon shipper up until the 1940s. Ever since, it's become of the most well known places for watermelons in Texas.

Balmorhea is one to the "Watermelon King" of Texas

Luke Brown, is a 4th generation watermelon farmer who lives in Balmorhea, Texas, off of I-10. His farm is without a notable landmark for all things watermelon in Texas.

We can't forget about the 5 Texas counties that produce the most watermelons.

These counties include Hidalgo, Brooks, Knox, Gaines & Wood. Other Texas areas that are known for producing watermelons are the Lower Rio Grande Valley (in April), the Winter Garden & East Texas (June/July), Rolling Plains (August), the Cross Timbers & High Plains in the late summer/early fall.

Here are some popular Texas watermelon festivals

Near Austin, Texas is the town of Luling. The town has had their annual Luling Watermelon Thump watermelon festival since 1954. The town of Naples, Texas also has a watermelon festival. McDade also has their own watermelon festival. These are 3 of the most known festivals that are the state, with the inclusion of the festival in Hempstead.

Of course, that's just a handful of places to enjoy watermelons. There are many, MANY more.

El Paso will have also have watermelon festival later in 2024 at Western Playland; you can read more information here.

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