It's a local El Paso brew... and you won't feel guilty drinking it.

Aurellia's Bottle Shop & Brewhouse just released a new brew and 100% of the proceeds go to Chapter 187 Disabled American Veterans.

That's right - 100% of the proceeds.

We had Justin Gibson, owner of Aurellia's Bottle Shop & Brewhouse on the Buzz Adams Morning Show... and that's where he introduced us to the beer called "22 A Day."

The name comes from the fact that it's estimated 22 veterans a day succumb to suicide in America. Justin explained to us that although mental health has become something talked about more in our country, it is still a silent killer among veterans. The more the word gets out - the more the stigma disappears.

Chapter 187 Disabled American Veterans are working on "ensuring that veterans and their families can access the full range of benefits available to them; fighting of the interests of America's injured heroes on Capitol Hill; and educating the public about the great sacrifices and needs of veterans transitioning back to civilian life."

A  16 oz. 4-pack costs $12. It's described as a "pre-prohibition style America Lager."

This isn't the only exciting announcement of late coming from Aurellia's Bottle Shop & Brewhouse, which is located in Northwest El Paso at 1620 Resler Drive.

Just over three years ago it was still an idea, but now the locally-owned brewery is expanding further. You'll now be seeing a whole lot more of Aurellia's beer across the Sun City thanks to L&F Distributors. It's currently available all over the city!

Here are the locations you can find it at in El Paso:

  • Western Beverages
  • Vista Market
  • The Liquor Company
  • Barrel House
  • Bottles The Liquor Shop
  • Bottle Bing Bottle Boom!
  • Buddy's
  • Total Wine & Spirits
  • Spec's
  • Whole Foods

Aurellia's is the first brewery in El Paso in over 60 years to bring locally brewed beer onto store shelves across the city.

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