An Arizona lunatic, out to attack another man, found a rattlesnake along the way and decided to use it as a weapon instead of his handgun. 'Cuz, why not?

This nut case has also previously used hornets as a weapon. I'll get to that in a minute. First, here's the back story on the snake attack.

Nathaniel Buck Harrison ... he already sounds like a Quentin Tarantino character ... believed another man had ratted out his buddy and got him sent to jail. So, he did what any good friend would do.

Buck went to the others guys home, forced his way in, and broke a board over his head. Then he tried to get the rattlesnake he was carrying around in his pocket to bite the man. The kind hearted snake refused to strike.

He totally should have bit Buck right on the ass though. Buck then forced his victim to kneel ... no idea where the rattlesnake is at this point ... and fired his pistol right next to him.

Someone heard the shot, called the cops and they surrounded the house. To make a long story short, Bucky's in jail now.

Harrison was arrested and charged with endangerment, aggravated assault, criminal trespassing, disorderly conduct with a weapon, possession of a deadly weapon during the commission of a felony offense, unlawful discharge of a firearm and threatening and intimidating. -

Photo, ABC15/YouTube
Photo, ABC15/YouTube

The rattler was questioned and released. Harrison got mad at someone else once and tried to throw an entire hornets nest through their door.

I have a feeling this guy does drugs.

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