Who says humans are the only ones that love to listen to Texas metal? Turns out quite a few animals love jamming out too; a lot of them are fans of Pantera & Drowning Pool.

Autumn Purdy the Horse loves Texas metal

Yes the most recent furry friend that has shown appreciation for music is the Canadian horse, Autumn Purdy. She's been quite popular on TikTok showing appreciation to metal bands such as Motorhead, Shinedown & Slayer. But one of her most popular videos is her headbanging to Drowning Pool's "Bodies".

But she's also have been known to be a huge Pantera fan too; one of her favorites is "Domination". In the same video she shows what she thinks of country music too. You can see which one she prefers...

Purdy is not the only horse that are Pantera fans; these two equines seem to have a liking to "I'm Broken". Who doesn't wanna join in with these two?

Parrots are another animal that loves metal; especially Drowning Pool

Yes our chatty feathered friends, parrots have also been known to love music too. Some parrots really get down once Bodies starts blasting on the stereo.

Heck. Some even have to start singing too.

Even man's best friend loves Pantera

Back in 2018, YouTuber Debbie Hevner posted a video of her dog seemingly dancing to "Walk" by Pantera. Upon further inspection...yes I can confirm that her dog is indeed rocking out too.

Why do animals "headbang" to music?

While scientists have pointed out that animals, usually, don't have an interest to music, the ASPCA pointed out that some cats actually like metal music because of its rhythmic beat and energetic sound. And it turns out...some species of animals WILL like certain styles of music. The right types of tones, pitches & tempos can be favored by some animals.


So while not EVERY animal will like the same songs you do, don't be surprised if you find your pet jamming along to YOUR favorite tunes.

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