In addition to several chain restaurants closing, now Alamo Draft House is closing a bunch of Texas locations, leaving around 600 employees out of work.

The Alamo Draft House is the reason I go to movies. I gave up on theaters and had gone years without setting foot in one. Why? It wasn't fun. The theaters were crowded, offered a limited, tasteless and way overpriced selection of food and snack options and the sound systems usually sucked. Loudmouths and crying babies rounded out my list of reasons to wait for the dvd's to come out.

Then, along came Alamo Draft House. Restaurant quality menu items. More roomy seating. Killer sound systems. BOOZE!!  Best of all, strictly enforced policies on kids, talkers and other distractions.

They also screened classic movies so you could watch your favorites in a true, theater setting. Sometimes, cast members would attend the classic flick screening and do Q 'n A's with fans. My long, cold movie winter was over.

Are All The Texas Alamo Draft Houses Closing?

I'm sure the zillions of other Alamo lovers out there are as bummed about this as I am but there is some good news. These closures, (crosses fingers, knocks on wood, lights candle), do not affect El Paso.

So far, the only ones being shut down are in Dallas, Fort Worth, Richardson, Cedars, Lake Highlands, Denton and Las Colinas. They also closed one outside of Texas in Woodbury, Minnesota.

Following Alamo, other theater chains revamped, remodeled and renewed. They upped their games across the board and an Alamo clone, Flix Brewhouse, appeared. They're The Beatles of theater rock n roll.

Alamo, you're the tops. I sooooooo hope those Alamos reopen and that no more are closed. Cross your fingers El Paso ...

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