Texas is filled with a ton of great things. One thing that really stood out to me, after moving to El Paso, was how mixing the spunk of Mexico into sports truly was life-changing.

Want to do your own research on this? Check out the El Paso Locomotive FC schedule and the next time you're in El Paso, make it out to a game. Thank me later.

Texans take their sports very seriously, and you'll find fans who bleed the colors of their favorite teams. Whether it's football, basketball, baseball, or soccer, you can bet there's a team with a huge following in every major sport.

Football is practically a religion here in Texas. College football is no joke either. From the Texas Longhorns to the Texas A&M Aggies... fans go wild.

University of Oklahoma Sooners vs University of Texas Longhorns
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In a nutshell, Texas sports culture is all about passion, pride, and having a darn good time. From the crazy tailgates to the intense rivalries, sports bring Texans together and give them something to rally behind.

I've compiled a list of Spanish phrases that would work great at Texas sporting events. So grab your boots, put on your favorite team's gear, and get ready to holler and hoot 'cause Texas sports ain't nothin' to mess with!

  1. ¡Vamos! - Let's go! / ¡Vamos Texas! - Let's go Texas!
  2. ¡Sí se puede, Texas! - Yes, we can, Texas!
  3. ¡Texas, no te rindas! - Texas, don't give up!
  4. ¡A ganar, Dallas! - Let's win, Dallas!
  5. ¡No se rindan, Cowboys! - Don't give up, Cowboys!
  6. ¡Texas, a la victoria! - Texas, to victory!
  7. ¡A luchar hasta el final, vamos Spurs! - Fight until the end, let's go Spurs!
  8. ¡Arriba, arriba, Texas! - Up, up, Texas!
  9. ¡La fuerza de Texas está aquí! - The strength of Texas is here!
  10. ¡Fuerza y coraje, equipo! - Strength and courage, team!
  11. ¡Dale gas! - Give it your all!
  12. ¡Que retumbe el grito de Texas! - Let the shout of Texas echo!
  13. ¡Apoyamos a nuestros equipos texanos! - We support our Texan teams!
  14. ¡Vamos, Houston, muestra tu poder! - Come on, Houston, show your power!
  15. ¡Aplastemos a nuestros rivales, Texas! - Crush our rivals, Texas!
  16. ¡A ganar! - Let's win!
  17. ¡Texas es invencible! - Texas is unbeatable!
  18. ¡Texas, en el corazón y en el juego! - Texas, in the heart and in the game!
  19. ¡Buena jugada! - Nice play!
  20. ¡A dejarlo todo en la cancha! - Leave it all on the field/court!

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