The United States is set to see another influx of a spider that is fairly large, venomous, and can fly. The spider is originally from Asia, but has made its way to the United States by first landing in the Southeastern United States.

It's called the Joro Spider and while no one is completely sure how it got here, according to ABC News, scientist believe that the spider traveled through cargo to the United States. They were first seen in Georgia more than a decade ago and have been slowly spreading since. Now the Joro Spider can be found in Alabama, Tennessee, North Carolina, West Virginia, South Carolina and Oklahoma.

What Does The Joro Spider Look Like?

They are big. Some have said they can grow to the size of a human palm. Females are black and yellow and the legs are about 4-inches long. While males are smaller and are more blue-black in color. They can also spin huge webs according ABC with the female spiders spinning yellow or golden webs that are strong and can span 10 feet.

Is The Joro Spider Deadly?

The Joro Spider is listed as venomous, but according to ABC, they pose no danger to humans or pets. Scientist say the Joro Spider is actually very shy and gentle. When threatened they can apparently "play dead" and remain motionless for about an hour.

Can The Joro Spider Fly?

Technically, no. But they can float... or fly through the air in a process called ballooning. This is where they make a web that acts as a parachute and it carries them through the air.

Is The Joro Spider Coming To Texas?

The best news of all is that it appears as though Texas will go another year without the Joro. New York and New Jersey are preparing for the Joro invasion this year according to ABC News.

But, let's look at the map. They are already in Oklahoma so it is just a matter of time before the Joro Spider lands in Texas.

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