On those days you don’t feel like cooking but also really want to avoid leaving the house to get food, platforms like Doordash are incredibly convenient.

Most everyone has used one of these delivery services before, and it is typically a pretty painless experience. Other than the occasional wrong order or having your food delivered to the wrong location, there isn’t much to worry about. Right?

Well, after seeing a certain TikTok, some people might have a new fear when using one of these food delivery apps.

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Apparently, there have been instances of women ordering food and the app says that their delivery person has a woman’s name. The problem is that once the delivery driver arrives, it isn’t ‘Nicole’, ‘Anne’, or ‘Stacy’ at the door, it is a 6+ foot tall burly man.

Some of you might think that isn’t a big deal and no one cares what name they are going by in the app. But for women that live alone, this can be a very big deal, especially when that man decides to stick around and wait for the woman to open the door to grab her food.

In the TikTok I watched, Lea Denim told her story of a delivery man dropping off her food at the door, and then waited by the door for 20 minutes waiting for her to come out. She waited and watched him through the peephole during this, and once he finally walked away, he would stop and peek around the corner to see if she would come out.

Obviously, this isn’t always the case with these services, but the fact that it happens at all is very scary.

Using a woman’s name for a fake sense of security in these situations is wrong and honestly disturbing.

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