A frightening clown-masked murderer is on the run after brutally murdering a victim in Houston, Texas.


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In the early hours of Monday morning, a suspicious suspect in a blue hoodie was walking down the street near Hobby Airport wearing a clown mask. According to Lt. Horelica of the Houston Police Department, the suspect was caught on camera around 1:15 am, Monday morning.

The suspicious clown-masked suspect is seen on video walking up to a vehicle that had a person in it. The masked clown then pulls out a gun and opens fire directly into the vehicle. The victim inside the car was killed after being shot more than 10 times.

Police have not located the clown-masked killer but are asking for witnesses to come forward by calling Crime Stoppers Houston at 713-222-TIPS (8477).


This is not the first time a person has thrown on a clown mask and caused havoc in Houston.

Back in August 2023, a group of teens terrorized the streets of Houston. The group wore terrifying clown masks as they attacked victims in the early hours of the morning.

According to reports from the Houston Police Department, around 3:45 am, a flurry of violent robberies began. Calls were coming in about a violent group of suspects wearing terrifying masked clowns.

One man called police after being attacked around 5:30 am. The man said a group jumped out of a vehicle and began to attack him. The man feared for his life after one of the suspects kneeled and raised his mask.

"I watch movies. The only time they raise their mask is when they're not going to leave you alive," he said.

The robbers took his cell phone and $70 and fled. The victim said the scariest part was how the suspects took pleasure in causing fear.

"It was like a game with guns and life. To them, it's nothing but a game. So, it's extremely important they're caught and taken off the street," he said.

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