Listen, Halloween is great and all, we all enjoy the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups coming in different shapes bringing you even more peanut butter and chocolate deliciousness, but what comes after is even better. I’m talking about Thanksgiving and Christmas, the holidays that are all about spending time together as a family and eating way more food than we ever need to consume. But it’s those meals that create so many wonderful family memories. But what are the most popular and least popular food items for the upcoming holidays in the state of Texas? 

Each year the good people at Crestline come out with a list of the most and least popular food items for the holidays and I would love to see your reaction to the results they got from their survey. Now obviously, they weren’t able to ask everyone in the entire state of Texas but I feel like their results make a lot of sense.  

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You Can’t Agree With All the Holiday Food Picks 

While I appreciate the results they shared with us, I can’t say that I agree with all of their findings. When you’re talking about the least popular Thanksgiving food and you bring up a dessert, that does make me question who took this survey representing the state of Texas. Because I think they got that one wrong. 

Let’s Look at the Texas Holiday Food Results for 2023 

We are going to look at the most popular Thanksgiving food, least popular Thanksgiving food, most popular Christmas food, Christmas Cookies, and a few other fun topics. Let’s look at the holiday food results for the state of Texas as we get closer to sitting down to our family meal.

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