When you think of the word cozy what comes to mind for you? For me it’s about being somewhere with a beautiful view and of course you have to be very comfortable with lots of pillows and blankets around so you can enjoy the gorgeous scenery while relaxing. But everyone is looking for something a little different when it comes to places to be cozy this winter but luckily Stacker created a new list that lists the 50 cozy towns to visit this winter. 

With 50 different locations I can guarantee that you will find one that you absolutely love and your family will enjoy it too. It was fun looking through the list as I have been to a few of the locations listed below and just seeing the names brought back so many great memories and of course it made me want to go back and visit these places. If nothing else, this will give you a great list of places to visit. 

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List of Cozy Places in the Winter Offers Everything 

As you will see when you look at the list below there is everything from wild open land in Montana to the beauty that you will find in smaller Texas towns in the winter. Maybe instead of exchanging gifts this holiday season you choose to take a trip as a family, any of the locations listed below would be so much fun and would help create some fantastic family memories. 

Two Locations Made the List for Texas 

I was expecting to see more than two Texas locations make the list of cozy towns to visit this winter, but there are lots of people that want snow and there isn’t a lot of that here in Texas. It was still very cool to see Texas on the list twice, let’s look at the full list and make plans to visit some of these places.  

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