Here in Texas most people would prefer to not be told what they can or cannot do. Most people in Texas don’t need someone else telling them how to act because they have been taught that growing up. And Texans sure as heck don’t want to be told what they can or cannot name their child. For the most part people in Texas can name their kid whatever they want although there are some specific names that are not allowed.

Illegal Baby Names Texas

While I believe everyone should be able to do whatever makes them happy, if it doesn’t harm others, I can see why some of these names were banned. For a while in Hollywood, it seemed like celebrities were naming their kids all kinds of unusual names, but that seems to have calmed down as of late. 

Why Would Someone Do This to Their Child? 

What shocks me about this list is that some parents must have tried to name their child or children with these names. Which is why they ended up on a list of banned names in Texas. Parents, please don’t give your child a name that is ridiculous and will only make life harder for them. Just remember you will have to fill out doctor's forms and other documents with that information. 

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Let’s See the Illegal Names in Texas 

I’d love to know how or why these names were even brought up as a potential baby name. Here is a look at the names not allowed to be used in Texas.  

Here are 14 Ways to Illegally Name Your Baby in Texas

For the most part, you can name your baby whatever you want. However, there are 14 ways to name your baby that are illegal in Texas.

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