We have seen so much growth in the great state of Texas in just the past few years it’s crazy to think what things will look like in 50 years from now. Hopefully we’re all around to see the population changes along with all the technological advancements. Only time will tell if we will be moving around in personal flying vehicles, but one thing we should count on is the population in Texas to continue to grow. But there is some new information regarding specific cities in the state of Texas that could drastically increase their population in the near future. 

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Obviously, things can change quickly but recently there was an article released by AZ Animals discussing 30 cities that could be massive in 50 years, but let’s be honest, we only care about the Texas cities on the list. But it was also interesting to see the metrics they used to come up with this list. Some of the factors in creating this list was looking at the housing markets, local economies, and overall quality of life for citizens in the area.  

So Many Factors Why People Want to Move to These Texas Cities 

Most of us are in Texas by choice and love to be here, but why do more and more people continue to move to the lone star state? There really are so many reasons such as amenities available, culture, crime rates, and possibilities for recreation.  

Let’s Look at What Texas Cities Are Expected to Grow Drastically 

These are the Texas cities expected to see large population growth over the next 50 years.  

List of Texas Cities Expected to Have Big Population Growth

Lots of people continue to move to the state of Texas but these 8 Texas cities are expected to grow drastically in the next 50 years.

Gallery Credit: Billy Jenkins

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