It seems every day there are more and more cars on the road in Texas. I know around Abilene, especially with all the road construction, traffic can get kind of crazy. Whether it's to home, school, work, or other activities, folks are on the move in Texas.

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Driving in the Lone Star State isn't just about knowing your destination; it's also about knowing and abiding by the rules of the road. As you might imagine, driving mistakes are made, and plenty of them. lists some of the most common driving mistakes. It's a solid list but I wanted to add some that I've seen happen over and over.

Have you witnessed any of these on the road?


car turn signal and and light switch
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Ignoring Blinkers

How many times have you tried to change lanes by signaling with a blinker only to have it ignored? It's aggravating and dangerous.


Keeping a safe space between vehicles is critical. Tailgating can lead to accidents, especially when you have to suddenly brake.

Left Lane Dilly-dallying

This left lane is generally for passing. Slower drivers should keep to the right allowing others to pass safely.

Close up of woman using cell phone and text messaging while driving a car.
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Phone Use

Texting or calling without a hands-free system isn't cool. It's illegal and dangerous.

Bypassing Stopped School Buses

This happens way too much. Texas law requires that drivers stop when school buses pick up or drop off. Keep our kiddos safe.

Neglecting Construction Zones

These are a pain and they're everywhere but these zones reduce speed limits for a reason. It's for the safety of workers and drivers alike.

An ambulance responds to the scene of an emergency.
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Not Yielding to Emergency Vehicles

Always pull over for emergency responders. Every time. Their mission doesn't need obstacles.

Driving Under the Influence

Alcohol or drug-impaired driving puts everyone on the road at risk. Choose a sober ride.

Overlooking Pedestrians

Texas is big on pedestrian right-of-way, especially at crosswalks. Be sure to yield and stay alert.

Photo: Diy13/Getty Images
Photo: Diy13/Getty Images

Misusing Parking Spaces

Taking up multiple parking spots? Again, not cool. It's a surefire way to frustrate your fellow Texan.

When you're driving in Texas, it's not just about getting from point A to point B. It's about arriving at your destination safely and showing courtesy along the way.

There are quite a few laws that one must abide by on the road. Some of these are lesser known. Take a quick second and look below to brush up.


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