It's no secret that Texas is a breeding ground for several tornadoes during the spring with some becoming some of the deadliest to touch the Lone Star State soil. But what counties in Texas do these twisters seem to strike the most?

Those who know or follow me know that I am an avid weather enthusiast especially when it comes to severe weather in our area. Anytime there is severe weather potential, I will keep my eye on the sky and report anything that looks dangerous in our area using forecast tools provided by the National Weather Service in San Angelo.

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That said, this season so far seems to have been more miss than hit for the NWS. This is not a knock on them as they do an excellent job of informing the public. Still, it is hard to predict the weather even with the tools that they have.

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One thing is certain: Texas does have a ton of tornadoes that can drop at any given time and in any county during the storm season.

WARNING: These Are the Counties With the Most Tornadoes in Texas

Stacker compiled a list of counties which experience the most tornadoes in Texas using data from NOAA's National Centers for Environmental Information.

Gallery Credit: Stacker

Regardless of what county in Texas tornadoes fall the most, it is important to know that these twisters can form during severe weather season at any time. Just look how close these folks from Texas Storm Chasers got to one back in 2017.

@texasstormchasers A tornado appears while on the chase through a cattle farms in the Texas Panhandle! April 14, 2017 -David #tornado #stormchasing #weather #texas ♬ original sound - Texas Storm Chasers

Even with the experience of seeing a few tornadoes up close over the years, that would definitely have given me the heebie-jeebies.

Stay safe out there this storm season, Texans!