Back in February of 2015 Texas A&M was playing Stephen F. Austin State University when they got a call to the bullpen. "Get Minter up and moving around" was what the bullpen heard. They had to ask for the order twice because there was a problem. Minter wasn't in the bullpen, he was in the dugout. And, little did they know, the call didn't come from anyone with the Texas A&M team.

A group of ball players from Eastern Oklahoma State University were the ones making the call. Well, Troy Meadows was the guy making the call. While Jace Pitchford recorded it, and it was eventually tweeted out this past Friday (March 31, 2017) by Zach Torres. Torres says he got the bullpen number after playing a summer league game there.

As the video goes, you hear Meadows get someone on the line and he says for Minter to get up and moving around. Minter is in the dugout though, not the bullpen. Prank failed, right? Wrong. You then see three Texas A&M players running from the dugout to the bullpen and what looks like Minter taking his jacket off to warm up. The crowd goes wild.

Now, you might be wondering why it took them two years to post the video. Torres says it's because he wanted to give it some time so he wouldn't get in trouble for the prank. One problem that people are pointing out online about the video is that it looks like it's number 14 getting ready in the bullpen, not number 34 (which was Minter's number).

Video courtesy of TAEKOGaming

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