As we continue to open more and more activities and businesses around Texas, sports still have an uncertain future. While we would all like to get back to the stadiums and arenas, it is almost impossible to keep social distancing with such large attendances. Sure, you could cut the amount of people way down, but then the teams and venues rely on ticket sales to keep the lights open and the teams playing. In an interview late last week, Texas Governor Greg Abbott said Texas is working to have a college football season. That includes and on time start as well as some fans in the stands.

In his interview, Governor Abbott said there are still things that need to be taken into consideration if and when sporting events will return. Aspects such as medical treatment for the virus, stadium capacity, and the status of cases throughout Texas overall will all need to be considered. The Governor says he hopes to have more plans in place and a better idea of sports returning by the middle of July.

For athletic directors, they will need to make a decision by early August in order to get ready for the fall season. The state believes they will be able to make a decision by that time. West Texas A&M University (WT) has their first football game scheduled on the road for September 5 against Azusa Pacific in Glendora, California. Their first home game is set against UT Permian Basin on Saturday, September 12.

The other thing to consider with the fall football season is will other teams be allowed to leave their states for travel and will WT be allowed to travel to out of town venues. With as locked down as California has been, I can't see the first game of the season taking place in Glendora. There is going to be a lot to consider and a lot of communication between communities to see which games will or will not happen for 2020.



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