Bravos de FC Juarez continues to prepare for its date with history on Saturday night at Benito Juarez Olympic Stadium. All week long, the soccer team from the Borderland has been training for approximately 2 hours each morning in order to get ready for the 2nd leg of the Ascenso MX promotion final against Necaxa.

Bravos trail 1-0 in the aggregate score to Necaxa. The remaining 90 minutes of the home and home series between the two teams will determine which team gets promoted into Liga MX, Mexico's premier soccer division.

FC Juarez remains healthy and all of their players are 100% ready to go. All of the players that have been interviewed this week have made it clear that they are perfectly aware of the situation that lays ahead of them. It is a situation which has the team from the Bravos down one goal to a Necaxa team that will come to the Borderland to park the bus and hang all 11 players from the goal that they are defending. If successful, they will hold on to the advantage and secure at least a tie which will be enough to earn them the promotion.

This is something that the players from FC Juarez feel that they can overcome to defeat Necaxa and earn the promotion themselves.

Midfielder Daniel Tehuitzil commented yesterday, “They will be bringing in a minimal advantage of one goal into our home, a situation that I believe our team can overcome. Our team has been preparing well all week and we have been fine tuning somethings that we did execute quite well in the first match that we think will help us come out on top in the end.”

Tehuitzil went on to comment on the advantage that it is to have a head coach in Sergio Orduna who has earned promotion with other teams in the past, including the Juarez Indios some years ago. “We know what is at stake on Saturday night, a year's worth of work and effort, plus it helps to have a head coach who knows how to lead in situations like this. A coach that reminds us and asks us to remain calm, not to take the field and lose our orientation as to what we need to do, to take this match one-step at a time. To try and get the first goal, and then from there make the adjustments necessary to go for the win.”

Earlier in the week star midfielder, Edgar Mejia who has experience playing with Chivas de Guadalajara and in the MLS commented, “We are very confident and secure with the preparation work that we have been doing to execute our match and win.”. Mejia continued, “This week for us has been about fine tuning, after all, this game is the culmination of our year's work in which the ultimate prize is at stake.”

Perfectly said.

The match between FC Juarez and Necaxa is scheduled to kick off at 7:00pm MST. This match will be the most important and meaningful soccer match to have ever been contested in history of the Borderland.

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