I’m a mask guy. I don’t go into any place of business without putting one on. Scientists, epidemiologists, doctors, the CDC, the World Health Organization all agree wearing a mask can prevent the spread of COVID-19. That’s good enough for me.

Whether you buy into it or not, it’s the local mandate and businesses have been tasked with regulating. Most put up signs asking those who choose to walk through their door to abide by what’s been put on them and please wear one. This is our lives right now, and it’s really not that big of an ask or that big of a deal.

Or so you’d think.

But apparently one northeast El Paso pizza shop has grown frustrated with asking politely, and the liberties some have taken in what constitutes a face covering and how its worn.

A Reddit user recently posted a photo of a couple of humorous-in-a-snarky-kind-of-way face masks-required signs she said she took at the Pizza Pros on Dyer.

myfirstposting via Reddit
myfirstposting via Reddit

“Your shirt over your face does not count as a face mask,” reads one of the handwritten signs plastered on what appears to be a huge sneeze guard-thingy of some type.

The other -- more informational than mocking -- is clearly aimed at those who wear it on their chin or only cover their mouth, making their nose look like a penis someone forgot to tuck back in. “You must keep your mouth and nose covered at all times while inside this building,” it reads.

There’s a third sign regarding “thots” and phones but that’s a discussion for another time.

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