Last month, Abie Han was in our 600 ESPN El Paso studios to talk about the Austin Trout-Canelo Alvarez fight. Han, who spent three weeks sparring with his good friend Trout, also had a chance to weigh-in on his own professional career. After five years and an undefeated record, the native El Pasoan explained to us that he was ready for a bigger test.

"I want tougher fight, I want the big names, and I haven't got it so far. We've talked to Top Rank, pushed the issue for the past seven or eight months, and I think they've finally listened to us. If I can get this fight (with Tapia), this can break me out from the rest of the pack and get me a title opportunity."

Top Rank has in fact, granted Han his wish and set up the biggest test in his career on Friday night, June 14th at the South Point Hotel, Casino and Spa in Las Vegas. Han will meet fellow undefeated Top Rank prospect Glen Tapia in a 154-pound clash will be televised on ESPN 2 as part of the "Friday Night Fights" series. Han cannot wait for the opportunity and explained why he wants to step into the ring against a better boxer.

"Why be in this business if you're not going to fight the best? If I keep fighting bums over and over again, what's that going to solve? I prove nothing, my skills are going to deteriorate, and I'll be 35 and not beaten any names. I want to see if I'm the best and if I'm not the best, then I can move onto something else."