Since it was introduced more than 30 years ago, the Kiss Cam has become a main attraction. At that time, it was a chance for teams to show off their new video boards at professional baseball games. Now, every sports team incorporates a little smooching into their game day experience. Dodger Stadium did something on Saturday night that most teams shy away from; they focused their Kiss Cam on a male couple. Once the two were aware that they were on camera, they had no problem kissing each other in front of the other 43,615 fans. The only thing this kiss was missing was commentary from Hall of Fame broadcaster Vin Scully.

Another highlight from this past weekend was a Cubs fan who was very concerned about her appearance when taking a "selfie". Apparently, her face was not her biggest priority for this cell phone pic. You have to love the WGN announcer who said "back to baseball" after the fan adjusted her shirt to show a little more cleavage.