When LeBron James told Sports Illustrated's Lee Jenkins that he was returning to Cleveland, the sports world has been turned upside down. Every Cavs fans is rejoicing like the Messiah suddenly reappeared, while Miami fans are taking the news pretty hard. Monster even wrote a blog about how some Heat fans have been busy burning LeBron jerseys, much like Cleveland fans did four years ago.

One rumor that is starting to gain some steam is that fans burned James' house down to the ground. The story was posted by the website, CreamBMP, which specializes in writing comedy and satire articles. However, since most people do not go to the bottom of a website to learn about this, they instead share it on social media so it can spread like a wild fire (pardon the pun). The story is hilarious, since some sports fans would probably go to that extreme in order to get revenge on The King. The truth is, James' $9 million mansion in South Beach is just fine, but it will probably be put up for sale soon.