The beast is back!  Brock Lesnar is returning to WWE Monday Night Raw, live from the Phillips Arena in Atlanta this Monday (8/1).  But…how will he be received?  Will the fans still buy into his mystic?  Will the locker room welcome him back, and what about those asked to put Brock over?  Then again, this is “sports entertainment,” not the UFC and that means a different kind of fan with different expectations.  No one ever sat through a Rocky movie worrying about Sylvester Stallone’s authenticity.

FOXSports reported this week that Lesnar wouldn’t be getting any kind of punishment from WWE for failing the 2 USADA drug tests, even though the performance enhancing drug that Lesnar was caught with is also banned under their own Wellness Program.

Lesnar's UFC career may have come to a close with a possible two-year ban following the full investigation.  The testing news being the dominate story following his UFC 200 unanimous decision over Mark Hunt, but as long as he’s willing to accept his more shining legacy being his WWE accomplishments, he will continue to attain glory AND collect a pretty good paycheck for playing his role.

Lesnar has not appear in WWE action since April.  Monday night should provide a fun view if for nothing more than to see how the crowd welcomes the man once called “the most accomplished athlete in pro wrestling history.”